The Science of Burnout

As a researcher into burnout I am still shocked at the billions the syndrome costs in lost days at work due to poor mental, physical and emotional health. When I embarked on a research project to develop a novel intervention capable of reducing burnout symptoms in the workplace a treatment for those burned out was badly needed. This is even more so now with the numbers of cases rising due to Covid-19 with an estimated one third of all staff currently being burned out and unable to perform their jobs effectively.

My research involves identifying the energy system that is depleted and then identifying the correct tools to increase the levels of energy back to pre-burnout state. There is no point treating a person for poor physical health if the underlying cause is their emotional state. Initial examination of studies performed in this field has identified mindfulness, exercise and coaching as the three most successful methods of increasing a person’s mental, physical and emotional energy zones which are known to be deleted in cases of burnout. My own study involves synthesising these conditions together to reduce burnout symptoms compared to another successful burnout programme and control.

The Training Journal were very interested in my findings to date. So much so that they asked me to write an article on the subject. Below is a link to this article: