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The Hundred Year Life Work Balance

Only recently Professors Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott (The 100-Year Life – a gift few of us are prepared for | London Business School, 2021) claim that babies born today have an average life expectancy of 100 years. This means that the education that is taught will evolve to providing the tools we need to stay healthier […]

What Is Resilience Anyway?

Having read an article and done some work with the Mental Toughness team at AQR I became very interested in why potential clients were asking me for resiliency training when in fact they actually wanted work that more closely aligned with positive psychology. In the article I read by Dr Doug Strycharczyk he describes the term resilience […]

The Future of Work is Emotional Intelligence

In a report by the World Economic Forum (2018), it is predicted that by 2022 employers will look for emotional intelligence (EQ) even more than traditional measures of intelligence like IQ. This is not only in the recruitment drive but also in the teams, managers and boards that are already in employment. This is particularly interesting […]

Energy Management & Burnout

My experience of Burnout? I have been fascinated with the Burnout syndrome for many years now since having my own episode of Burnout. The symptoms of burnout are; feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job; and reduced professional efficacy. This […]

Mindfulness For Men

This technique is essential for all human beings and should not be limited to one gender. However, the Mindful practice, in some circles, has been associated with a system that is not based on substantive results. It has been dubbed by some as a hippy idea that is a bit wishy-washy. This may be why […]

The Benefits of Yoga & Mindfulness

Whether you define yoga and mindfulness as movements, hobbies, trends, disciplines or something else, what is irrefutable is they are about as mainstream, popular and influential as they come right now. Everyone who practices yoga and engages in some form of mindfulness meditation is unique and will have a different outcome or goal in mind […]

Mindfulness for Lawyers

Increased awareness of mental health problems within the legal profession has led many firms to introduce wellbeing programmes. One practice that has gained in popularity in recent years is mindfulness. The benefits of mindfulness are universal to all professions but there is a reason that Mindfulness is a skill that is particularly advantageous to lawyers. […]


Centre for Mental Health says that the Covid-19 is a health emergency like nothing else in living memory. It has already been widely recognised that the pandemic will have major effects on mental as well as physical health. The evidence the Centre for Mental Health has reviewed shows that this must be taken seriously. Centre […]