I started out working in the legal profession and rose to the top quickly. It soon became apparent that I could be infinitely more successful outside of the firms I had worked within so I opened my own business.

The first business I ran for myself was back in 2011. The company became a leading player in the financial sector very fast which led to me suffering an episode of burnout which almost cost me everything.

My symptoms meant I could not work and when I wanted to seek treatment there were few professionals who knew how to treat burnout. I was recommended to do mindfulness and yoga. This enabled me to develop the resilience skills I needed to bounce back.  I wanted to understand what variables in mindfulness or yoga helped me. This led me to train as a Mindfulness and Yoga teacher and I am currently doing an Msc and now a PHD into the psychology of developing the resiliency needed to treat and prevent burnout.

Since that episode of extreme stress I have never looked back. The skills I have learned as part of my recovery, through working with clients and as part of my academic research have enabled me to run and sell many businesses and make my dreams come true. Now I teach people how to get their biggest goals in work and in life without burning out and crashing. I use the complete system that develops a person’s IQ, EQ and PQ which facilitates peak performance and develops resilience. I analyse my client’s physical health using grade A medical devices to give accurate biological data that confirms a person’s physical health and what is causing stress reactions in their body.

Together with the biological training I use the latest psychological tools to train the mind and the body to perform. Through my training you will become the person you have always wanted to be. You will be fitter, healthier and happier in mind, body and emotions.

I’m in the business of changing lives.

The modern professional’s life results in fatigue that can quickly lead to emotional and cognitive dysfunction and often leads to chronic stress or burnout. My programmes give a person a significant advantage because it provides the full picture of a person’s health by looking at IQ, PQ and EQ in combination using top class medical equipment. My training is so successful because it is targeted through analysis and education.