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Friday – 6.30pm to 7.30pm Mindfulness and Yoga Class

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Mindfulness Courses

Beginners Mindfulness Course

This is an 4 week course which provides participants with an introduction to the principles and applications of mindfulness.

The Full Mindfulness Course

This 8 week course provides a full understanding of evidence based mindfulness as an intervention that is used to treat anxiety, depression and stress. The next course starts in September 2021 and is available online and in person.

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Advanced Course

This 4 weeks course is for those who have competed the full course. This provides participants the opportunity to develop the emotional aspects of mindfulness like compassion practices that mean deep seated behaviours, attitudes and trauma can be addressed.

Resiliency Course

This 8 week course is designed to develop physiological and psychological resiliency. On this course participants will learn what techniques improve psychological, physical and emotional health and how to apply these skills in their lives to develop resilience. The next course starts in July 2021 and is available online and in person.

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Burnout Course

The 8 week course is developed from the leading research into how to treat and prevent burnout. This course will teach participants how to train their body and mind to be healthier and more able to cope with larger demands meaning participants will be able to take on more but feel even better than they do now.

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